Ida Bs Table! Not My Table

Ida B’s Table is a fantastic black owned restaurant sitting in downtown Baltimore, Maryland. I could go on and on about how many awards they’ve gotten for their food and service, but I’m going to stick to how good their food was. Let’s get into it:

  • Ida B’s Table presents soul right when you walk through the door. You will 100% feel like you are at your grandmother’s house on a Sunday! Comfort food flies out the kitchen! The menu consisted of many tasty sounding options such as Brisket Benedict, Moroccan Lamb Burger, and Ida B’s famous Homefries.
  • I ordered the chicken and waffles, because they put a star next to it and I was curious! It absolutely delicious. It was smoked fried chicken with smoked honey drizzle on top of a sweet potato waffle. Read that again. The chicken made me shed a slow tear. I need the recipe! The sweet potato was very different but exceeded all expectations with the flavor. I was asked if I could share a piece, and my face said it all..

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