TNR Cafe Crushes Competition!

TNR Cafe serves up the finest Chinese food in Arlington, VA. There is not many places known for their locally sourced food, customer service, and unique ambiance like TNR Cafe! Let’s get into it:

  • TNR Cafe wants you to be as satisfied as possible with their food! The aromas that fills up the restaurant is extremely pleasant. This must come from a result of how fresh and organic their food is. Their menu caters to everyone, which I love. Besides the typical Kung Pao chicken, you will see other eye catches such as full fish in Szechuan spiced broth, Kung Pao tofu, and crispy shredded beef! If you told me to just pick one, I would have to happily decline. They were all bomb!
  • I could rant all day about how amazing these flavors were on each dish. The walnut shrimp was ridiculously tasty. The shrimp were plump, and the walnuts added the perfect touch. The shredded beef was immersed in flavor, so I was obsessed with taking bites. The fish in Szechuan broth was spicyyy yet the fish was juicy and packed with flavor. To ensure I wouldn’t have a food baby after this fantastic meal, I had to dance it off..

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