Redrocks Ready!

Redrocks is an award winning wood oven Napoleon bistro known for their pizzas. Buttttttt I went for brunch, because we brunch on Sundays. Let’s get into it:

  • Despite Redrocks being known for their pizzas, they put together some great sounding brunch dishes and of the best bottomless mimosas you can find. Their menu contains nice options such as a sunrise pizza, brandy-spiked french toast, and seafarer’s seafood scramble! To get drunk off blood orange mimosas, I also love the option to get brandy-spiked french toast. Just have me drunk the whole day I guess.
  • I ate the seafarer scramble and garlic knots. These garlic knots will make you question if you’re actually Italian. They were $6 and I could given them my whole $20. The seafarer scramble was extremely tasty due to the garlic shrimp mixed in the scramble. Their choice of seasoning it with red peppers, parmesan, and basil was perfect. Believe it or not, I put my drink down to actually enjoy all of these flavors. By the end of this bottomless brunch, I was stuffed, happy, and doing strange drunk things like this..

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