New Orleans Daiquiri!

New Orleans Daiquiri and Bar is a exactly what you think it is! A trendy restaurant that has brought New Orleans cousine to Atlanta. I am social distancing, so I ordered the food to my home 😦 I much rather be there drinking daiquris! Let’s get into it:

  • This would serve no purpose if I didn’t rave about the menu right? Even if you just ate, you will be hungry after reading about their menu and smelling what’s cooking. They serve a variety of great dishes such as their big easy alfredo pasta, overstuffed po-boys, and even FRIED GATOR. Yepp! you read that right, and I have heard it is sensational.
  • I went straight for the carbs and ordered the big easy alfredo pasta! This came packed with smoked sausage, grilled chicken, and shrimp all topped with a cajun alfredo. This was pasta heaven for me, and I love noods. The creamy sauce was perfectly mixed in with the penne. If you really love carbs, please believe that their garlic bread is amazing. This bread was soft and garlicky! I was content and stuff while social distancing at home.

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