Sublime is not Subpar!

Sublime doughnuts presents flavors and textures from around the world on a doughnut canvas. I approve of them taking giving their doughnuts a twist! Let’s get into it:

  • This menu presented some of the most delicious options I have heard, but I landed on 6 doughnuts that seemed to fit my appetite! I bought the butterfinger, Oreo, Reese’s cup, caramel apple strudel, caramel & walnut sticky bun, and strawberry and creme donut! No need to worry, I will eat these slowly. One bite at a time.
  • The dough of the donuts was out of this world. Freshly baked and cakey! It way different than your average Dunkin Donuts. My favorites were the Reese’s cup and caramel & walnut sticky bun. The decadent chocolate and creamy peanut butter pair together like a match made in heaven. If your grandma made her famous pound cake, I would still eat this donut. The sticky bun stood out to me, because of the unique flavor combination. To mix cinnamon, caramel, and walnuts together sounds unappealing to me. The crunch from the walnuts is really what took me by surprise, because the caramel was obviously tasty. After your first bite, you’ll be coming back like a crackhead. That’s it for me tonight folks..

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