Highland Bakery, High Quality

Highland Bakery and Kitchen has evolved from serving coffee to muffins to brunch. Highland’s Bakery is your one-stop shop for your morning craziness! Let’s get into it:

  • If there is one thing I can teach you today, it is that you will not go wrong by going to a black owned bakery/coffee shop. Highland Bakery has this vibe about them that is very welcoming. The funky colors walls and fresh plants make this place one to fall in love with. Also, their menu is awesome! You will not only find baked good, but also brunch foods! No shade, but we are all tired of the chain coffee shops’ sandwiches. Highland Bakery will offer you their blueberry crumb cake, cilantro corn pancakes, ultimate fried chicken sandwich, or a three-egg omelette! You have to be drunk to not want to try that LOL.
  • I ordered the ultimate fried chicken sandwich, blueberry crumb cake, and strawberry crossaint. To begin with the sandwich, I fell in love with jalapeño bread and fried white meat chicken! Every bite provided more joy! The blueberry cake was sweet, and the fresh blueberries changed the games. The blueberries made my day. So gooood! The strawberry croissant was tasty! I did not expect the strawberries to mix so well with the croissant. The fresh bread won my heart! Don’t ask for a piece, because this is how i’ll share…

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