Buttersweet Bakery is Better!

Buttersweet Bakery is in the heart of Hapeville, GA sitting right by the airport. They emphasize the importance of making things from scratch. I left with an organic smile too! Let’s get into it:

  • Buttersweet Bakery feels like going to your aunt’s house when you were young, and she would bake all of the time. Their menu features tons of pastries, cakes, and lunch food. From chocolate cupcakes with chocolate ganache to pecan pie tart to crab cake arugula salad, you’re going to have fun choosing what your taste buds desire. If there was a mood associated with the ambiance, it would be Jill Scott!
  • However, we are here to discuss how they tastes too. I ordered the Buttersweet vanilla cupcake, chocolate cupcake, and key lime cupcake. They were so pretty and neat with their display. I took one bite and had to throw my thinking cap on, because I have had freshly baked cupcakes before. BUT THESE.. felt like they were a special delivery. Moist and soft all the way throughout. Every bite was consistently tasty. The important part… the icing! It was not a cream cheese base, but it was creamy and packed with flavor. I actually dropped some icing on my lap and had to scoop it up and eat. It was too good to waste for real! The chocolate won my heart over, but it really was a close call. Since my mom and I are on the same page that the next time I want a cupcake, I will look at her like…

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