Gus’ Goes Crazy!

Gus’ Fried Chicken was built from the idea of uniting communities with a special fried chicken recipe. Who doesn’t love fried chicken with a secret spice? Let’s get into it:

  • Gus; is located in downtown Atlanta, but my guy has locations all over the country! I appreciated the down to earth menu. It was one that left you with simple options, but you knew they would all be fire. You can find things like fried pickles, potato salad, mac and cheese. It’s like taking young uncle’s cookout and turning it into profit! I had to order their wings with baked beans and seasoned fries.
  • The sides will be first on the chopping block. The baked beans were spot on what I was thinking. They were sweet but not too sweet. They had the onions and peppers mixed in for a nice bite. The fries are classic. Good crispiness like you’re at a ballpark then finished with seasoned salt and other flavors. However, these wings… I need to run it back! They were juicy, off the bone, and spicy at the same damn time. I was chowing through the chicken so fast and effortlessly that I forgot to touch my drink. If you dare see me eating this and ask me for a bite, I will just stare at you like…

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