Say Cheese Cheesecakes!

Say Cheese Cheesecakes aims to bring people the best quality of cheesecakes around even for the picky eaters. I’m not picky, but I do have my eye on a specific two! Let’s get into it:

  • Say Cheese is a cute cheesecake company, but they remind me of almost a boutique! They pride themselves on being crisp and elegant with their cheesecakes down to their interior of their building. I couldn’t help but compliment everything about it. They have one of the most exquisite menus I have seen for cheesecake. You will find flavors such as sweet potato, salted caramel, Reese’s, or golden Oreo.
  • I treated myself to two ‘Smiles’ which are personal cheesecakes. I went with the Reese’s and cookie dough! The icing was delightful and soft. I’ve never been a big icing person, but this was so tasty. Cookie dough might be one of my biggest weakness, and they nailed this cookie dough cheesecake. The crust went perfect with the base of cheesecake. When I took a bite out of the Reese’s one… Let’s just say that is was magnificent, because it didn’t last longer than 3 minutes. The peanut butter was the perfect touch to this dessert. I ate that cheesecake swiftly and found myself looking like this…

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