Foodie Friday!

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Helen’s Hot Chicken!

Helen’s Hot Chicken was started in Nashville and now opened in Atlanta. If you like spicy food, then the trend of hot chicken is for you. Let’s get into it:

  • Helen’s is straightforward with their menu. They have chicken wings, chicken & waffles, shrimp, and fried fish. All of these items can be made with the spice level you choose. I am not a wimp, so I went ahead and ordered everything hot. Besides the simplicity, I like enjoy how they give you the bang for your buck. If you order fries, it’ll be lots of them. If you order the wings, they are the healthy sized chicken wings. They are trying to fill you up!
  • But more importantly, the flavor of this food is what we want to talk about. I dove right into the shrimp basket. Of course, I ordered for them to be made with a ‘hot’ spice level. They were perfectly fried and very juicy. The seasoning was better than your granny’s secret recipe. If I could ask Santa for something for Christmas, this would make my list. The chicken was nothing to play with either! The dry heat on the skin made this chicken exciting, because I was able to enjoy the succulent chicken before the spices came in and kicked my ass. It was a spice that you could appreciate and still hold conversation rather than you gasping for air and your nose running at the table. The fries were crispy and topped with seasoned salt. This food made me respect Nashville even more and had me considering embracing the culture. If I keep eating this shrimp and chicken more, you’ll catch me in Atlanta like..

Jam Doung is Jammin’

Jam Doung Style is known for preparing and serving their traditional Jamaican dishes in a bright, casual space. I didn’t have to be bright or smart to know that this food would be delicious. Let’s get into it:

  • Jam Doung is bright and located at the corner of their street. It is the definition of a carry out spot. You walk in, place your order, and wait for your number to be called. Jam Doung does not have an extensive menu. I like to call it short and sweet, because you know the few items are about me made exquisitely. You wiill find your favorites such as jerry & curry chicken, oxtails, and rice & peas. I’m a big fan of jerk, but I’ve heard that if a place can make curry chicken tastes good then you are eating at the right place. I had to throw my detective glasses on and see what they were talking about.
  • I dove right into my plate of curry chicken, rice & peas, mac & cheese, and cabbage. I took about three bites before realizing that half of it was gone. I was thoroughly enjoying myself. The curry chicken was falling off of the bone and marinated with some much damn flavor. The way I was trying to get every bite, you would have thought i never had Jamaican food in my life. the rice and peas was seasoned and hearty. I love how they make a simple dish tastes so good. The mac & cheese was on point as expected. It was cheesy and had that nice layer of crust with it. Lastly, the cabbage was better than one you can make. It was fresh and dense with few other vegetables too. Best believe that the next time I’m in DC, I am stepping here with my gang like.. (& Black Women Lives Matter too)

Vegan Dream Doughnuts!

Vegan Dream Doughnuts sits right by Morehouse University presenting vegan treats to the community. The owner says “it’s a good thing I take pictures, because they last longer than these doughnuts”. I loved these all natural doughnuts. Let’s get into it:

  • Vegan Dream Doughnuts easily presents one of the most creative menus I have come across. From orange raspberry doughnuts to sea moss infused drinks to blueberry cinnamon rolls. I wanted to order all of these items! This is why you shouldn’t date a pastry chef.. because he’ll dessert you. Wow that was corny, but I know you chuckled.
  • Anyways, I want to dive into these flavors. Everything was fresh, and the inclusion of fruit into the pastries was perfect. I had a french vanilla donut with almond crisps to start out. The vanilla mixed with the coconut flour was a match made in heaven. It was subtle but very pleasing! Not to mention, the texture reminded me of a light cake doughnut. Next up, I bodied the strawberry and banana donut. This combination is undefeated and to bake this into a donut almost made me cry. Every bite resembled a smoothie with a dash of cheat day. Also, I had lemon & raspberry donut holes. I never would have guessed that flavor profile would be so good with a donut, but it blew my mind. I had to take a deep breath before tapping into this strawberry & blueberry cinnamon roll. As soon I took a bite into, I knew I was not going to be able to stop myself from eating all of it. The cinnamon roll itself was phenomenal, but the fruit element made this an unforgettable dessert. My mom asked me for a bite, and I had to look at her like… #ItsAllLoveButNo

Buttersweet Bakery is Better!

Buttersweet Bakery is in the heart of Hapeville, GA sitting right by the airport. They emphasize the importance of making things from scratch. I left with an organic smile too! Let’s get into it:

  • Buttersweet Bakery feels like going to your aunt’s house when you were young, and she would bake all of the time. Their menu features tons of pastries, cakes, and lunch food. From chocolate cupcakes with chocolate ganache to pecan pie tart to crab cake arugula salad, you’re going to have fun choosing what your taste buds desire. If there was a mood associated with the ambiance, it would be Jill Scott!
  • However, we are here to discuss how they tastes too. I ordered the Buttersweet vanilla cupcake, chocolate cupcake, and key lime cupcake. They were so pretty and neat with their display. I took one bite and had to throw my thinking cap on, because I have had freshly baked cupcakes before. BUT THESE.. felt like they were a special delivery. Moist and soft all the way throughout. Every bite was consistently tasty. The important part… the icing! It was not a cream cheese base, but it was creamy and packed with flavor. I actually dropped some icing on my lap and had to scoop it up and eat. It was too good to waste for real! The chocolate won my heart over, but it really was a close call. Since my mom and I are on the same page that the next time I want a cupcake, I will look at her like…

Slutty Vegan? Yes!

Slutty Vegan is the home of Atlanta’s best vegan burger in my opinion (this could be a fact though!). Slutty Vegan was founded by a black queen by the name of Pinky Cole. Slutty food is  overindulgent, gooey, messy, and irresistible. Let’s get into it:

  • I finally can say that I have tried Slutty Vegan. Ever since they opened in 2018, there was been crowds of people waiting to get one of their burgers each day. Their menu is funky and creative! You will find options such as “One Night Stand”, “Hollywood Hooker”, and “Heaux Boy”. Some burgers feature avocado, jalepeños, or jerk plantains. They all sounded good to me as I was deciding what to order. No matter what I chose, at least I knew this meal would be vegan and slutty.
  • I ordered the One Night Stand and the Super Slut. First up, the bun.. They use Hawaiian buns, so that adds a layer of flavor. The One Night Stand is their classic burger topped with bacon, cheese, and caramelized onions. The vegan bacon was smokey and crispy! Most vegan bacon is chewy, and they gave us crispiness. That’s love. The slut sauce was amazing. I couldn’t tell you what it was made of. Nothing from this burger screamed vegan to me, but it was phenomenal. The melted cheese was messy yet so tasty. The grade I’m giving them is an A+. If this what it feels like to be a slutty vegan, I need more of that.

Highland Bakery, High Quality

Highland Bakery and Kitchen has evolved from serving coffee to muffins to brunch. Highland’s Bakery is your one-stop shop for your morning craziness! Let’s get into it:

  • If there is one thing I can teach you today, it is that you will not go wrong by going to a black owned bakery/coffee shop. Highland Bakery has this vibe about them that is very welcoming. The funky colors walls and fresh plants make this place one to fall in love with. Also, their menu is awesome! You will not only find baked good, but also brunch foods! No shade, but we are all tired of the chain coffee shops’ sandwiches. Highland Bakery will offer you their blueberry crumb cake, cilantro corn pancakes, ultimate fried chicken sandwich, or a three-egg omelette! You have to be drunk to not want to try that LOL.
  • I ordered the ultimate fried chicken sandwich, blueberry crumb cake, and strawberry crossaint. To begin with the sandwich, I fell in love with jalapeño bread and fried white meat chicken! Every bite provided more joy! The blueberry cake was sweet, and the fresh blueberries changed the games. The blueberries made my day. So gooood! The strawberry croissant was tasty! I did not expect the strawberries to mix so well with the croissant. The fresh bread won my heart! Don’t ask for a piece, because this is how i’ll share…

Sublime is not Subpar!

Sublime doughnuts presents flavors and textures from around the world on a doughnut canvas. I approve of them taking giving their doughnuts a twist! Let’s get into it:

  • This menu presented some of the most delicious options I have heard, but I landed on 6 doughnuts that seemed to fit my appetite! I bought the butterfinger, Oreo, Reese’s cup, caramel apple strudel, caramel & walnut sticky bun, and strawberry and creme donut! No need to worry, I will eat these slowly. One bite at a time.
  • The dough of the donuts was out of this world. Freshly baked and cakey! It way different than your average Dunkin Donuts. My favorites were the Reese’s cup and caramel & walnut sticky bun. The decadent chocolate and creamy peanut butter pair together like a match made in heaven. If your grandma made her famous pound cake, I would still eat this donut. The sticky bun stood out to me, because of the unique flavor combination. To mix cinnamon, caramel, and walnuts together sounds unappealing to me. The crunch from the walnuts is really what took me by surprise, because the caramel was obviously tasty. After your first bite, you’ll be coming back like a crackhead. That’s it for me tonight folks..

Quarantine Questions!

Though the world is in a crisis, I hope you all are safe and taking precautions! Besides watching Netflix, please feel free to send me activity suggestions. As I am social distancing and staying inside, I figured I would answer a few of the popular questions I have received:

  • Why did I start this?
    • Since I am a student in college, I was given a marketing project to start a blog and work on growing it over the semester. So, I took the idea and ran with it! I decided to talk about food, because I am always eating and following food pages on Instagram. Turns out… I really enjoy engaging with people over food!
  • What’s my favorite thing about blogging?
    • My favorite thing is expressing myself creatively through this blog. I want to talk about food from a millennial perspective and make reviews fun to read. I hate reading stiff or bland blogs, so I allow myself to write freely.
  • What is my favorite fast food place?
    • For those who know me over the years know that I out loud love Panda Express! Chick-Fil-A is a close second for sure. I get it. You may not like it or have comments on it, but please believe I have comments for whatever your favorite fast food as well.
  • How do I decide at which restaurants to cover?
    • I made a list when I moved to D.C. and have used that as reference. However, I use Instagram to see what people are eating. I always listen to suggestions and find where they fit into my content!
  • How do I afford this on a college budget?
    • I have a simple philosophy with that. I love to shop whether it is for shoes, clothes, or technology. I cut back on my shopping on those items and used the money that I would have to treat myself to food every weekend. Pretty much sacrificing those material items to spend my pocket money on experiences.
  • STAY SAFE!!!

Sticky Fingers, Great Tastes!

Stick Fingers Sweets & Eats is the home delicious vegan treats that have also won Food Network’s Cupcake Wars twice. Let’s get into it:

  • Sticky Fingers has been one of my favorite dessert places since moving to D.C. They put together some of the best looking cupcakes you will ever see. Besides their looks, they love to take risks with their combinations. For them to be 100% vegan, I could eat 100 cupcakes right now and still not believe non-animal products were used. My favorite standouts from their menu are peanut butter fudge cupcakes, cherry blossom cupcakes, and sticky buns! They also serve a few brunch items on the weekends such as pancakes, french toast, and biscuits & gravy.
  • If you have a sweet tooth, I advise that you try everything. Sorry for the terrible advice, but you will not regret it. The flavors from the cupcakes are immaculate. They won Cupcake Wars for a reason, so go be fat and try these cupcakes. Since they all taste so good, I always have a hard time deciding what to get. I walk in and just stare at the options like..