Nothing Old at Old Fields Restaurant

Old Fields Restaurant is located in Long Island, NY. Their goal is to provide service and food so good that you’ll want to return to Long Island LOL. I had a great meal though, so let’s get into it:

  • Old Fields is a perfect date spot that is near the water, has a fire pit outside, and an intimate interior. The service was amongst the best, and it was so genuine. I showed up having no clue what to order, but they treated me like family and recommended some of their favorites!
  • The menu features a lot great options. I quickly was mesmerized with the three cheese mac n’ cheese, crab and avocado tacos, and the short rib risotto! Fried clams, little neck clams, and oysters were on my mind heavily too. Also they also took up the center of the menu with their steak options, so I had to see what they were talking about. *eyes emoji*
  • The steak came out, and I immediately requested to hug the chef. This steak was the size of my face and sweating with flavor. It was the perfect combination of tender and juicy! The mashed potatoes were the perfect pairing. Fresh potatoes, nice touch of pepper, and the garlic. After not knowing anything about this place, my friend and I pleasantly left the restaurant like..

Luke’s Lobster > Your Lobster

Luke’s Lobster first opened in East Village and made it their goal to hand pick the best seafood. This was the freshest seafood I’ve had. Let’s get into it:

  • What I expected:
    • I always have heard people say “you must try a lobster roll while in New England”. I expected it would be good since Boston was known for their seafood. Lobster roll seemed simple, but how could you not be excited for fresh lobster, butter, and bread??
  • What I received:
    • Luke’s Lobster changed my whole mindset about seafood. I ordered Luke’s trio, which included a lobster roll, shrimp roll, and crab roll. EVERYTHING was so fresh! Every bite got better and better. They did not have make it this tasty, but I am so glad they did! I’m in love..

Luke’s Lobster: 75 Exeter St. Boston, Massachusetts 02116. (Located multiple states)

Nando’s For the Win!

Nando’s story begins with Portuguese explorers discovering the African Bird’s Eye Chili and turning them into addictive sauces. PERI-PERI may be one of my favorite spices! Let’s get into it:

Boneless Chicken Breast w/ Portuguese Rice. Portobello Mushroom & Halloumi Wrap w/ Corn & Garlic Bread
  • You walk in Nando’s, and you immediately notice the shiny wood interior. You are seated, handed a menu, then once you make a decision you go order at the front counter. I promise, the food is worth the slight confusing experience !
  • The freshness of their food is what keeps me, and so many other coming back to Nando’s for a good bite. Whether I order the PERI-PERI wings, the chicken breast sandwich, or portabello mushroom wrap, I know that I can’t lose picking any option! I love the variety of sides such as mashed potatoes, Portuguese rice, and mushed peas. Don’t feel bad if you want to order multiple starches, because you win with any of these choices!
  • When I tell you that Nando’s seasoning and sauces are heavenly… I completely mean that. I love how versatile their sauces are! I may drop some hot sauce on the chicken then dip it in the lemon & herb sauce. The garlic bread has much flavor as well, and pro tip: you should throw a splash of the mango & lime on it. Okay. Wow. Now I am craving this so bad!

Nandos Information:

Old Ebbitt Grill = Classic!

Old Ebbitt Grill is an extremely popular Victorian-inspired restaurant located in Washington, D.C. Their architecture, hospitality, and food make this place stand out! Let’s get into it:

Lobster Fra Diavolo
  • The ambiance of Old Ebbitt is lovely. The big revolving door entrance creates a classic entrance. Clean marble floors are everywhere, and they connect to the worn down basement stairs which gently remind you of the age of the restaurant. Waiters were moving 100 mph, but they were hospitable and made it look so easy!
  • The menu had many great options, and it made my food decision so difficult. Do I want the Lobster Fra Diavolo or the Rueben or the Horseradish Glazed Meatloaf?? If we were playing family feud, all of these would be the #1 answer!
  • The Lobster was extremely fresh and plump, one of the most delicious meals I’ve ever had. The pasta sauce was light, but flavorful! I also had the Calamari appetizer. the dipping sauce was so good, I could have cried on the spot.

Lolita is Lovely!

Lolita Cocina & Tequila Bar is located in Boston, MA, and it was one of the most interesting places I have ever been! Their Mexican inspired food left me in pleasantly surprised! Let’s get into it:

steak parilla quesadilla
  • The ambiance at is Lolita is very intimate with a playful twist! Their tables are dimly lit throughout, so you almost feel like you are important, and the aroma is delectable! They have smooth, eclectic music as well! It is more than just a restaurant, it is an experience.
  • The menu features a variety of unique drinks, dishes, and desserts. The drink menu presents a nice balance between tequila and fresh ingredients like basil and cucumbers. Their dinner menu is lit! Items such as vertical nachos, brisket tacos, and mushroom empanadas are just a few things that caught my eye. Not even their quesadilla looks like a regular quesadilla! To add their the playful style, they bring the check with a big ball of cotton candy to share.
  • The flavors… were SPOT ON. The steak parilla quesadilla was absolutely delicious. I would eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if I could! Their queso and chips was authentic and amazing, and a great mix of silky and creamy. Get your mind out of the gutter! (LOL ). I came in here for Mexican food and left wondering why every Mexican place is not this good..

Truluck’s = 5 stars

You know the saying “everything’s bigger in Texas”. Well.. Truluck’s in Austin definitely supports this phrase. This city is filled with young professionals who love to eat. After I ate at Truluck’s, I may need to pack up and move there! Hold my bags y’all.. because I am about to praise the food in the post. It was truly a 5 star dining experience. Let’s get into it:

  • I started off with the Chilled Shellfish Platter. This massive dish had me shook when this was placed on my table! This included 2 jumbo shrimp, 2 oysters, 2 Florida Stone Crab claws, and blue crab cocktail. If you like seafood, you NEED to try this. The crab cocktail was so fresh, I could’ve hugged the chef to thank him.
  • For my entrée, it was a tough choice, but I had the Salmon Béarnaise. Whoever thought to put this dish on the menu needs a raise immediately. It was a salmon filet laid beautifully on a bed of mashed potatoes. The salmon was covered with a lump of delicious crabmeat and two plump shrimp. This was 10 out of 10, would absolutely recommend!
  • Top off it all off, I finished with their Chocolate Malt Cake. I do not have a picture because I ate it too quickly and forgot, but you can google “Truluck’s chocolate malt cake” and see why. This cake was wild! 4 layers of chocolate cake filled with rich chocolate icing spread between. Besides the fluffiness and great flavors, the fruit on top of the cake was so refreshing. They gave such a large slice, it could easily feed a family of 3. I wasn’t readyyy for how bomb this meal was, it really blew my mind!

Po Boy Jim. Period.

Shrimp Po Boy w/ Cajun Fries

Another one of my favorite local black owned restaurants is Po Boy Jim, packs a punch with their flavor and portions! Let’s dig in:

  • Po Boy Jim brings New Orleans to Washington D.C. Their menu easily will make your mouth water with their surf & turf po boy, voodoo wings, creole pasta, and shrimp & grits.
  • The ambiance at Po Boy Jim is smooth! The brick interior and intimate seating is perfect for taking photos of everyone’s food at once. They also keep their environment soulful with cultural music and tunes playing throughout your meal.
  • The freshness of the food is undeniable. After every bite of my shrimp po boy, I had to admire how full the shrimp were. It was definitely the most filling seafood sandwich I have had.
  • LETS GET INTO THE FLAVOR. The sauce on the po boy was exquisite. I could not tell you what it was, but I can definitely tell you that it belonged! Everything was seasoned to perfection, even the fries. They truly live up to that famous New Orleans reputation, because if I bit into that food and did not taste the creole then..

Busboys and Poets is Top 5

Shrimp & Chicken Chorizo Pasta

Top 5. Top 5. Top 5.

Since moving to D.C. and eating at Busboys and Poets, my life has changed for the better. This food will make you dance, call your mom, and stay there until they turn off the lights on you. Let’s talk about 5 reasons why you NEED to go!

  1. The food here is appetizing! I love the variety of dishes they provide. From nachos to paninis to pastas, they cater to every crowd. I have not found a dish that does not go crazy yet. I must say that the shrimp & chicken chorizo pasta sits on my mind often!
  2. VEGAN FRIENDLY! To my friends who are vegan, Busboys and Poets has some the best vegan comfort food you will try. A snippet of their vegan options consist of nachos, Korean barbecue “beef” sandwich, and mac n’ cheese!
  3. The ambiance of their restaurants is always smooth! As you walk in, you will immediately feel like you’re a part of a community. Busboys and Poets is filled with great books, soulful music, and cozy seating. You may not know who works there at first, but all of the employees are kind and vibrant.
  4. The uniqueness of Busboys and Poets sets it apart from most restaurants. You could walk in and buy Becoming by Michelle Obama, chow down on shrimp and grits, and perform a free verse poem all before you leave. Their culture is what makes them.
  5. Busboys and Poets stands up for the community as well. They bring together racial and cultural connections through up providing a space for everyone to come together. They believe that building a community around shared dialogues over food and drinks creates meaningful and lasting relationships.