Sammy Cheezecake on My Plate!

Sammy Cheezecakes prides itself on making cakes with the finest ingredients that are the perfect size. I love a fat slice of cake, so their perfect slices fit my criteria! Let’s get into it:

  • Sammy Cheezecakes has struck the Atlanta scene by surprise, but it makes sense when you go and see their wide variety of slices. They keep the store simple with a countertop and lots and lots of cakes displayed. If you are someone who goes to the counter and freezes up on your order, then I recommend checking their options ahead of time. They are extremely friendly, so they making choosing the perfect slice easy! Some of their options consists of oreo cheesecake, german chocolate cake, red velvet cake, strawberry shortcake, and many others.
  • I am a true sucker for anything Oreo. It could be an Oreo popcorn, and I’d have to try it! However, this Oreo cheesecake was magnificent and great size. The whipped cream and the crust complimented the cheesecake excellently. I could eat that slice for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. That’s how satisfied I am. I couldn’t go and just get one slice, so I walked out of there with a piece of strawberry cake also. Strawberry cake has a special place in my heart, because it is so balanced. Have you ever had a piece of cake that blew your mind? it was moist. It was rich. It left you speechless like..

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